4 Signs He Doesn't Want You or Love You ANYMORE!

It's never easy to admit that your Man Doesn't Want You Anymore, However, it is better to try to accept it than continuing in the relationship. Even though the two of you have been super in love, in the beginning, things can change. Here are 4 Signs He Doesn't Want You ANYMORE!

1. He gets irritated for everything.

If he loses his temper easily then it's likely that he no longer feels the same. If he does not comfort you when you're feeling bad or doesn't care about what happens in your life, it's a clear sign that he doesn't want you anymore.

4 Signs He Doesn't Want You or Love You ANYMORE!

2. He become selfish

When a guy starts losing interest in the relationship his behavior is likely to become selfish. He will begin ignoring what you want or what you think and will appear disinterested even when you tell him his behavior hurts you.


3. There is no intimacy.

If he does not show any interest to kiss you and doesn't want to be intimate with you, it is a sign that love is over.

4. He compares you to other women a lot.

A man should never tell a woman something that makes her feel ugly, insecure or less intelligent. Comparisons should be avoided because there is nothing productive about them. If your guy always suggests you should dress or act like another woman, then clearly he is not that interested in you.

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