8 Reasons Why Do Married Men CHEAT On Their Wives And Stay Married!

1. Lack of sex

Intimacy is an important part of the human relationship, if there is no sexual intention on the part of the women, some men will seek it outside of their marriages.

8 Reasons Why Do Married Men CHEAT On Their Wives And Stay Married!

2. No signs of love or being desired

Men not only have physical needs, they also need love. They want to feel appreciated. They want to feel missed when they leave. When men do not feel desired, some choose to walk away from their marriages and find love with someone else.

3. Restrict them from doing something they love

After marriage men are constrained to do the activities they used to do when they were single or dating. They feel judged or criticized by their wives and therefore are deprived of doing many things. If after years they encounter a woman who understands them and they feel more free with her, it is easy to fall into deception.

4. Change of life

It is possible that some men realize they are not as happy with their lives as they want to be and make drastic changes, having extramarital affairs.


5. False idea of being a real man

There are men who grew up with the false idea that the real man is someone who goes out with many women or sleep with them.

6. Lack of variation in the relationship

The routine in couples activities can become so boring that the need to innovate or try new things can lead to affair.

7. You Lack tolerance

Most women constantly criticize their husband or most of times want things done in their own way. If a man is disqualified or criticized most of the time, he could choose to look outside to be more valued.

8. Lack of satisfaction

Some men cheat even if they are happy with their wives because there are vulnerabilities in their relationship. These vulnerabilities are often some sort of dissatisfaction, whether emotional, practical or intimate.

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