7 Things To Do If A Guy IGNORES You!

1. Think why you think this man is ignoring you.

If you have found the answer, the first thing you should do is stop acting in the same way as you were doing before, as it is possible that way you don't attract him.

7 Things To Do If A Guy IGNORES You!

2. Limit your contacts with him.

It is normal to think that, you need to become "more visible" for him or to dress sexy for him. This way he'll just notice that you are too desperate or you're an easy girl and he'll just take advantage of you.

3. Stop chasing him.

Maybe he needs some space. You can use no contact rule. If you disappear for a while he may want to hear from you and stop ignoring you.

4. Do not feel bad or depressed

Do not think that there is something wrong with you or you're insignificant and that's why he ignores you. He may ignore you because he does not know you properly, or because he seeks other types of women. You are worth a lot and he is not the only man on the face of the Earth.


5. Play the game of Ignore him.

There are many guys who think that by ignoring the girl they like they'll have her at her feet. Do not fall into his trap! Be strong and show that you are not an immature fool who is going to fall into his games.

6. do not hesitate to approach him.

Do not hesitate to strike up a conversation with him when you see him next time. Perhaps you'll discover that he ignores you because he is shy and does not know how to approach you. After that if he still ignores you, ignore him.

7. Stay away from him if necessary.

If he ignores you after a date, then it's time to look away and go on your way. Do not beg attention to whom does not deserve you. Go ahead, you'll find the ideal man, the one who loves you unconditionally.

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