7 Things Men REALLY Want In A Woman!

1. Attitude.

Men like women who are cheerful, funny, smiling and have a good sense of humour. The attitude of a girl should be positive, this will make you more attractive.

7 Things Men REALLY Want In A Woman

2. The way you walk.

Men notice a woman's body a lot, and this goes hand in hand with the way women walk. A serious mistake is to try walking like a super model, just walk naturally.

3. Smile.

A smiling woman is a woman who reflects happiness, and what better than to be with a girl like that. Always have a pleasant smile.


4. Way to dance.

Women who moves well on the dance floor is very sexy for men.

5. Lips.

There is no doubt that the lips are the trait most men look at in a woman, especially if they find you attractive and they want to kiss you. And make sure your lips are soft.

6. Friends.

Men look a lot at the way you are with your friends. It is common for men to think that you can be similar to them.

7. Hair.

Actually, the first thing men see is your face, but hair is also important. It is a weapon of beauty that women must keep clean, soft and shiny.

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